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1 22 September 2021 at 09:33:05 (Cotton Fabric ) PAU Unrated
2 Agricultural Projects - Dr S B Vekariya JAU Unrated
3 Captivate your class with video. Tool for blended learning SKUAT Unrated
4 Engineering Drawing - Prof. Nimesh Parmar JAU Unrated
5 Google classroom SKUAT Unrated
6 Developmentally challenged children (mr) CSKKV Unrated
7 Entrepreneur & entrepreneurship CSKKV Unrated
8 02 August 2021 at 16:44:40 MPKV Unrated
9 06 April 2022 at 14:59:44 Organic Farming By Dr. Gunjan Guleria RLBCAU Unrated
10 06 May 2022 at 16:08:52 JAU Unrated
11 07 April 2022 at 15:39:09 Introduction to Fungi by Dr. Meenakshi Arya RLBCAU Unrated
12 09 April 2022 at 10:29:35 Role of double haploid in crop improvement by Dr. Rakesh Chaoudhary RLBCAU Unrated
13 09 April 2022 at 12:12:20 Silviculture of fir and spruce trees by Dr Rakesh Kumar RLBCAU Unrated
14 09 May 2022 at 13:19:35 UASB Unrated
15 1_Reeba_Abraham_NPOP_Regulations_25_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
16 10 May 2022 at 10:41:03 Soil Reaction and Nutrient Availability by Dr Sandeep Upadhyay RLBCAU Unrated
17 10 May 2022 at 10:56:10 UASB Unrated
18 11 May 2022 at 10:58:40 Beekeeping: Biology of honey bee and queen production technology by dr. Sundar Pal RLBCAU Unrated
19 12 April 2022 at 10:39:08 Self incompatability in plants, genetic and molecular ,mechanism by Dr. Rumana Khan RLBCAU Unrated
20 12 May 2022 at 10:30:10 Producers surplus By Dr. Prince Kumar RLBCAU Unrated
21 12 May 2022 at 11:37:10 Fundamentals of plant Pathology By Dr. Vaibhav Singh RLBCAU Unrated
22 12 May 2022 at 16:20:40 JAU Unrated
23 13 April 2022 at 10:11:32 diseases of Mustard by Dr. Shubha Trivedi RLBCAU Unrated
24 13 April 2022 at 10:51:09 RLBCAU Unrated
25 13 April 2022 at 11:19:14 Carbohydrates by Dr. Sharwan shukla RLBCAU Unrated
26 13 April 2022 at 12:09:22 Insects and their dominance on earth by Usha Maurya RLBCAU Unrated
27 13 May 2022 at 11:05:36 Recent advances in forensic entomology by Dr. vijay kumar mishra RLBCAU Unrated
28 14 May 2022 at 10:36:23 Type of silkworms, Voltinism and biology of silkworm by Dr. Yogendra Kumar Mishra RLBCAU Unrated
29 15 Feb-22_Intoduction to Python programming Language and relatedsoftware (Md. Ashraful Haque) ICAR-IASRI Unrated
30 15 February 2021 Lecture by Dr Praveen Singh at 12:13:56 ICAR-IVRI Unrated
31 15 September 2021 at 15:58:38 PAU Unrated
32 15Feb-22_Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Dr. Sudeep) ICAR-IASRI Unrated
33 16 April 2022 at 10:26:54 Importance of Agricultural mechanisatio By Dr. Saurabh Singh RLBCAU Unrated
34 16 April 2022 at 11:05:46 Fundamentals of Agronomy by Dr. Artika Singh RLBCAU Unrated
35 17 May 2022 at 09:59:41 JAU Unrated
36 17 May 2022 at 16:15:07 JAU Unrated
37 18 April 2022 at 14:41:32 Concepts of Agriculture Economics by Dr. David Chella Baskar RLBCAU Unrated
38 18 May 2022 at 10:54:32 JAU Unrated
39 18 May 2022 at 16:15:36 JAU Unrated
40 19 April 2022 at 14:25:17 Soil Formation by Dr. Susheel Kumar Singh RLBCAU Unrated
41 19 April 2022 at 15:54:59 CRISPER/ Case9 Technology by Dr. Abhishek Kumar RLBCAU Unrated
42 19 May 2022 at 11:38:09 Transpiration by Dr Ashutosh Kumar RLBCAU Unrated
43 2_N_Ravisankar_Organic_Farming_Current Status_Challenges _Research_30_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
44 20 April 2022 at 15:14:04 Hybridization: Techniques and Consequences by Dr. A. Nishant Bhanu RLBCAU Unrated
45 20 May 2022 at 09:58:42 P A Pandya JAU Unrated
46 22 April 2022 at 12:28:35 wheat cultivation practices by Dr.Anil Kumar Rai RLBCAU Unrated
47 22 April 2022 at 16:52:45 JAU Unrated
48 25 April 2022 at 10:39:22 Essential nutrient elements and their functions and deficiency symptoms of macro nutrients by Dr. Arpit Suryawanshi RLBCAU Unrated
49 25 April 2022 at 11:49:08 Soil Organic Matter and Humic substances by Dr Anusuiya Panda RLBCAU Unrated
50 26 April 2022 at 10.45 am "Diffusion and Adoption of Innovation" by Dr Ashish Kumar Gupta RLBCAU Unrated
51 27 April 2022 at 14:21:05 Acid soil and their management By Dr. Bharat Lal RLBCAU Unrated
52 28 April 2022 at 14:50:24 Cell Division By Dr. M.K.Singh RLBCAU Unrated
53 28 July 2021 at 16:19:46 Kajal B Ranapariya JAU Unrated
54 29 April 2022 at 11:03:03 Apiculture by Dr. M. Soniya Devi RLBCAU Unrated
55 2D Array - Samarth Godara ICAR-IASRI Unrated
56 30 April 2022 at 10:49:08 Important Indian and exotic cattle brreds and their characteristics by Dr Pramod Ku Soni RLBCAU Unrated
57 4_DrSrinivasamurthyR_Lecture_on_PGS_Certification_01_09_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
58 5_DrSrinivasamurthyR_Lecture_on_PGS_Certification_01_09_2021_Discussion ICAR-IARI Unrated
59 545e98b7-9a79-447d-b82d-ad7b00ae37ee.DV.localview JAU Unrated
60 A short film of Krishi Vigyan Kendra-IVRI Izatnagar ICAR-IVRI Unrated
61 A-3 MPKV Unrated
62 AAC307_Communication Barrier_Dr. Kiran Rana GBPUAT Unrated
63 AAC307_Communication Meaning, Definition, Element, Process and Function_Dr. Kiran Rana GBPUAT Unrated
64 AAC307_Nature & Lavel of Communication, Communication Problem in Agriculture_Dr. Kiran Rana GBPUAT Unrated
65 AAC307_Types & Model of Communication_Dr. Kiran Rana GBPUAT Unrated
66 AAC308_Introduction & Definitions_Dr. Kiran Rana GBPUAT Unrated
67 Abdominal Cavity Contents_Dr Pankaj Kumar Thanvi RAJUVAS Unrated
68 Abdominal Cavity Contents_Intestine_Dr Balwant Meshram RAJUVAS Unrated
69 Abnormality of fertilization RAJUVAS Unrated
70 Academic Session 2021-22 MPKV Unrated
71 Acarines of veterinary importance RAJUVAS Unrated
72 Active and Passive Voice 18 October 2021 at 15:54:46 RLBCAU Unrated
73 Adenoviridae RAJUVAS Unrated
74 Adrenergic and Cholinergic neurohumoral transmission (cont. )-Dr.L.N Sankhala RAJUVAS Unrated
75 Advances in Weed Management by Dr. R. K. Mathukiya JAU Unrated
76 AEC201_Basic Terms and Concepts of Economics_Dr. Ruchi Rani Gangwar GBPUAT Unrated
77 AEC201_Concepts of Demand_Dr. Ruchi Rani Gangwar GBPUAT Unrated
78 AEC201_Cost Concept_Dr. Ruchi Rani Gangwar GBPUAT Unrated
79 AEC201_Elasticity of Demand_Dr. Ruchi Rani Gangwar GBPUAT Unrated
80 AEC201_Elasticity of supply and tutorial_Dr. Ruchi Rani Gangwar GBPUAT Unrated
81 AEC201_Supply_Dr. Ruchi Rani Gangwar GBPUAT Unrated
82 AEC201_Utility Analysis_Dr. Ruchi Rani Gangwar GBPUAT Unrated
84 AEC342_Balance Sheet_Dr. Shweta Chaudhary GBPUAT Unrated
85 AEC342_Income Statement_Dr. Shweta Chaudhary GBPUAT Unrated
86 AEC342_Law variable Proportion_Dr. Shweta Chaudhary GBPUAT Unrated
87 AET 601-1/VB/CoA BLR/UASB UASB Unrated
88 AET 601-2/VB/CoA BLR/UASB UASB Unrated
89 AET 601-3/VB/CoA BLR/UASB UASB Unrated
90 AET 601-4/VB/CoA BLR/UASB UASB Unrated
91 AET 601-5/VB/CoA BLR/UASB UASB Unrated
92 Affections of eye and their treatment RAJUVAS Unrated
93 African Horse Sickness.Dr.Dr Nirmal Kumar Jeph RAJUVAS Unrated
94 Ag 502_Lecture_10_Problems_of_supply_and_availability_of_nutrients_02_07_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
95 Ag 502_Lecture_12_Preliminaries of secondary nutrients- CaMgS_micronutrients-FeMnB_06_07_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
96 Ag 502_Lecture_13_Preliminaries of micronutrients_ZnCuMoClNi_Beneficial_09_07_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
97 Ag 502_Lecture_14_Phosphorus in soils and fertilizers_09_07_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
98 Ag 502_Lecture_2_Growth and factors affecting it_09_06_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
99 Ag 502_Lecture_3_Overview of Soil Fertility_15_06_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
100 Ag 502_Lecture_4_Soil Fertility Decline and its restoration_18_06_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
101 Ag 502_Lecture_6_Soil Fertility Evaluation_21_06_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
102 Ag 502_Lecture_7_Essential Plant Nutrients_AN_Introduction_22_06_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
103 Ag 502_Lecture_8_Movement of Nutrients in soil and their uptake_25_06_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
104 Ag 502_Lecture_9_Relationship_Between_Nutrient_Supply_and_crop_growth_02_07_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
105 Ag502_Practical_1_Preparation of solutions in Lab_11_06_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
106 Ag502_Practical_2_Determination of Organic matter_18_06_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
107 Ag502_Practical_3_Determination of Total_N_Plant_Samples_25_06_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
108 Ag506_Lect_1_Rice-culture-diversity_10_03_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
109 Ag506_Lect_10_Water_saving_in Rice_System_Rice_Intensification_25_03_2021_Part_I ICAR-IARI Unrated
110 Ag506_Lect_11_Water_saving_in Rice_System_Rice_Intensification_26_03_2021_Part_II ICAR-IARI Unrated
111 Ag506_Lect_12_Water_Management in Rice_26_03_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
112 Ag506_Lect_2_Area_Distribution_Production_Paddy11_03_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
113 Ag506_Lect_3_Morphology of Rice plant_12_03_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
114 Ag506_Lect_4_Part_I_Growth_Stages_of_Rice12_03_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
115 Ag506_Lect_4_Part_II_Growth_Stages_of_Rice12_03_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
116 Ag506_Lect_5_Rice Growing Seasons and Climatic Requirement_18_03_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
117 Ag506_Lect_6_Rice-Ecosystems_dinesh_New_19_03_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
118 Ag506_Lect_7_Practical on seed rate and yield estimation_19_03_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
119 Ag506_Lect_8_Preparation and methods of Rice Nursery_sowing_Manag_20_03_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
120 Ag506_Lect_9_Rice_Establishment_Methods_24_03_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
121 Ag513_lecture1_ Brief History of Organic Farming_02_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
122 Ag513_Lecture10_Organic manures green manures and concentrated organic manures_24_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
123 Ag513_lecture2_ Def_Principles_differences_Part_I_09_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
124 Ag513_lecture3_ Need for organic farming_Part_II_11_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
125 Ag513_lecture4_ Impacts of organic farming_12_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
126 Ag513_lecture5_ Certification_Opportunities_Scope_marketing_17_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
127 Ag513_Lecture6_Organic farming_rotations_nutrientMgmt_Plant_protection_17_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
128 Ag513_lecture7_ Organic_plant_Nutrition_18_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
129 Ag513_Lecture8_Soil_Organisms_23_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
130 Ag513_Lecture9_Organic manures-Classification composition and efficient handling of_24_08_2021 ICAR-IARI Unrated
131 AGB - Genetic Parameters - Dr Samita Saini RAJUVAS Unrated
132 AGB - Principals of ANimal Breeding - Dr P C Sharma RAJUVAS Unrated
133 AGB - Principals of ANimal Breeding-II - Dr P C Sharma RAJUVAS Unrated
134 AGB - Selection - Dr Manju Nehra RAJUVAS Unrated
135 AGB - Selection-II - Dr Manju Nehra RAJUVAS Unrated
136 AGB- Selection Index- Dr Vishnu Kumar RAJUVAS Unrated
137 AGE 08 - Transformer : Principle of working and construction of Transformer JAU Unrated
138 AGM 101 MPHU Unrated
139 Agri-Business Online Series #5 Entrepreneurship in High-tech Horticulture with protected-20210129 0513-1 SKNAU Unrated
141 Agricultural Finance (Unit 1) (1) MPHU Unrated
142 Agricultural Input Marketing by Dr. Chirag Bharodia 04 May 2022 JAU Unrated
143 Agricultural Marketing by Prof. N. M. Thaker 24 September 2021 JAU Unrated
144 Agricultural Production Function by Dr. S B Vekariya 26 August 2021 JAU Unrated
145 Agricultural Statistics - MPKV Unrated
146 Agricultural Statistics - Median MPKV Unrated
150 Agril Statistics (Dr D V Patel) JAU Unrated
151 Agri-Value Chains by Prof. Kalpesh Kumar 23 September 2021 JAU Unrated
152 AGRO 305 PJTSAU Unrated
154 Agro 305: lecture-11: resource use efficiencies-optimization techniques. PJTSAU Unrated
155 Agrochemical toxicity RAJUVAS Unrated
156 Agroforestry, Importance and Criterian for selection of Trees in Diffrent Agroforestry Systems CSKKV Unrated
157 AHEE - Financial Management - Dr Neeraj Sharma RAJUVAS Unrated
158 AHEE - Livestock Entrepreneurship - Dr Ashok Baindha RAJUVAS Unrated
159 AHEE - Livestock Entrepreneurship-II - Dr Ashok Baindha RAJUVAS Unrated
160 AHEE - Personnel Management - Dr Ashok Baindha RAJUVAS Unrated
161 AHEE - Types, characteristics and functions of Entrepreneurship - Dr Ashok Baindha RAJUVAS Unrated
162 AHEE- Concepts and Theories of Entrepreneurship - Dr Neeraj Kumar Sharma RAJUVAS Unrated
163 AI in fisheries_Abuthagir Iburahim S_CIFE 17 September 2021 at 14:03:02 ICAR-CIFE Unrated
164 Air pollution in animal houses and ventilation. RAJUVAS Unrated
165 Air Pollution, its impact on environment and animal health RAJUVAS Unrated
166 AIR TEMPERATUR E AND PROFILES OF TEMPERATURE by Prof. M C Chopda 27 April 2022 JAU Unrated
167 Al based ChatBots (Dr. Pawan Goyal) (IIT Kharagpur) 4th March'2022 ICAR-IASRI Unrated
168 Al in Climate change (Dr. Pabitra Mitra) 21th Feb'2022 ICAR-IASRI Unrated
169 Al in Geospatial Analysis And Practical (Debdali Chowdhury)19th Feb'2022 ICAR-IASRI Unrated
170 Algorithms and Flow Charts SKNAU Unrated
171 Alkaline earth metals and metalloids.Dr.Amita Ranjan RAJUVAS Unrated
172 Aminal Chlamydiosis CSKKV Unrated
173 Amino Acid and Protein Metabolism by Dr H P Gajera 24 August 2021 JAU Unrated
174 Aminoglycosides and Macrolides revision.Dr.Laxmi Narayan Sankhala RAJUVAS Unrated
175 aminoglycosides-and-macrolides-VPT-Dr L N Sankhala RAJUVAS Unrated
176 Amoebiasis and Giardiasis-VP-Dr Deepika Dhuria RAJUVAS Unrated
177 AMT-2 SKUAT Unrated
178 An Introduction to Agricultural Marketing: Meaning and Dimensions of markets CSKKV Unrated
179 An Overview of Quantitative Genetics _ Dr Mujahid Khan, ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai ICAR-CIFE Unrated
180 Anaesthetic and Pain Management of Small Animal Orthopaedic Patients Dr. Rohit Kumar ICAR-IVRI Unrated
181 Anaesthetic Emergencies and Management, Toxicity, Antidote and Reversa RAJUVAS Unrated
182 Anaesthetic Toxicity, Antidote and Reversal Agents RAJUVAS Unrated
183 Analysis of Variance and Basic Experimental Designs ICAR-IASRI Unrated
184 Anatomy - Digestive System-II - Dr Ashok Dangi RAJUVAS Unrated
185 Anatomy - Gametogenesis, Ovulation, Fertilization - Dr Pankaj Thanvi RAJUVAS Unrated
186 Anatomy (GADVASU) Clinical Anatomy of Domestic Animals. MSVE 2016 GADVASU Unrated
187 Anatomy and histology _fish gonads_Dr. Tincy Varghese_CIFE13 September 2021 at 10:44:00 ICAR-CIFE Unrated
188 Anatomy- Digestive System-I-Dr Ashok Dangi RAJUVAS Unrated
189 Anatomy- Digestive System-II-Dr Ashok Dangi RAJUVAS Unrated
190 Anatomy- Dr Ashok Dangi-24.06 RAJUVAS Unrated
191 Anatomy- Embryology (General)- Dr Pankaj Thanvi RAJUVAS Unrated
192 Anatomy of Ear_Dr Pankaj Kumar Thanvi RAJUVAS Unrated
193 Anatomy of Eye_Dr Ashok Dangi RAJUVAS Unrated
194 Anatomy of Mouth Cavity_Dr Pankaj Kumar Thanvi RAJUVAS Unrated
195 Anatomy of Nasal Cavity_Dr Hemant Joshi RAJUVAS Unrated
196 Anatomy of shoulder region CSKKV Unrated
197 Anatomy of Skull Bones_Dr Hemant Joshi RAJUVAS Unrated
198 Animal Fibres - Dr. Rajdeep Kaur, COCS-ATS PAU Unrated
199 Animal genetics and breeding RAJUVAS Unrated
200 Animal Husbandry Extension-II.Dr.Manisha Singodia RAJUVAS Unrated
201 Animal Husbandry organization Structure and Function.Dr,Devi Singh Rajput RAJUVAS Unrated
202 Animal Nutrition - Digestibility of Feed and factors affecting digestibilty- Dr M S Meel RAJUVAS Unrated
203 animal-welfare-in-commercial-livestock-farming-practices_Dr. JP Kachhawa RAJUVAS Unrated
204 Anthrax RAJUVAS Unrated
205 Anthrax RAJUVAS Unrated
206 Antibiotic alternatives in Veterinary Therapeutics Lecture by Dr B R Singh ICAR-IVRI Unrated
207 Antinutritional Factors by Dr. P J Rathod 11 April 2022 JAU Unrated
208 Antiprotozoal drugs RAJUVAS Unrated
209 Antiseptics and Disinfectants part-II.Dr.Amita Ranjan RAJUVAS Unrated
211 Application of Economic Principles in Farm Management - Dr B Swaminathan JAU Unrated
212 Application of Object Detection and Image Segmentation using Deep Learning in Crop Improvement & Practical (Dr. Tanuj Mishra)2nd March'2022 ICAR-IASRI Unrated
213 Application of statistical Functuons - AP Prjaptati JAU Unrated
214 applications-of-reproductive and biotechnological-tools-for-genetic-im_AGB_Dr Manju Nehara RAJUVAS Unrated
215 Applied Anatomy Head Region_Dr Balwant Meshram RAJUVAS Unrated
216 Applied Anatomy Part I_Dr Rakesh Mathur RAJUVAS Unrated
217 AQUATIC POLLUTION- Dr.D.T.Vaghela JAU Unrated
218 Aquatic Telemetry_Dr. Karan Ramteke ICAR-CIFE Unrated
219 arsal, metatarsal-VAN-Dr Hemant Joshi RAJUVAS Unrated
220 Artificial Insemination in Small Farm and Pet Animals RAJUVAS Unrated
221 Artificial Insemination JAU Unrated
222 artificial-insemination-in-animals_Dr. J.S. Mehta RAJUVAS Unrated
223 asepsisantisepsis_Dr. M.C. Parashar RAJUVAS Unrated